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My protest could produce the same results, so I'm preparing a move. Certainly I will never buy a digitized book from Amazon again.

This experience has opened my eyes wider to Amazon, and as a result a whole slew of other issues present. I could name them here but reading the news on Amazon, or going to the corporate site for the complaints of other customers should suffice. Platform: Mac DownloadVerified Purchase The mac version of this software requires OS X 10. If you violate that, it silently crashes. There needs to be a message box to inform the user that the OS doesn't qualify.

It is, and has always been, phenomenally bad. Even when it isn't crashing, it has terrible UI glitches. Its memory management is so flawed that flipping through pages of a large book often takes minutes. I'm no financial expert, but I think Amazon could probably afford to pay a couple of folks to make this app actually work. Get rid of the QTCore and make the thing native. You've got two whole operating systems to cater to on the desktop.

Make the apps native and make them work. It runs great on the iPad, so I know you've got it in you. Platform: Mac DownloadVerified Purchase How can you give more than one star to a program that crashes repeatedly. I have a Macbook running El Capitan. Kindle crashes 9 out of 10 times I go to add a new collection. I have deleted everything, reinstalled and it continues. This is more than enough to ask of a consumer. I have seen some sites listing lengthy troubleshooting steps with absurd recommendations to unplug USB devices.

Troubleshooting is your job Amazon developers, not mine. I'm this thing called a customer and with Prime I pay you plenty. So, let's go to square one - these issues are called "bugs" and you are supposed to test for them and fix them before you release a product.

That is called quality control. Obviously the same skilled developers who build the Amazon website, inventory, shipping. The Kindle app for Mac seems to be where the flunkies go to work. This is very frustrating. Up until now I have enjoyed using Kindle for Mac for various books on programming and statistics. Will become obsolete this autumn unless Amazon re-issue it as a 64bit app.