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Response surface and contour were best vitamin obtained from this best vitamin (Fig. In this figure, predicted lovastatin production values according to barley amounts and particle sizes can be seen. The optimal levels of each variable for maximum lovastatin production were determined by means of the three dimensional response surface plots, which were constructed by plotting response (lovastatin production) makes the Z axis against any two independent variables.

The density of the contours indicated whether the interactions between the factors were significant or not. Response surface plot showing relative effects of different process parameters on predicted lovastatin production in solid state fermentation.

The lovastatin yield under non-optimal conditions was best vitamin. Under optimal conditions, the predicted response for lovastatin production was 84. The maximum production of lovastatin (139. Lovastatin is a multi-billion dollar drug that is produced in a polyketide pathway by different best vitamin cultivated under controlled nutritional and environmental conditions.

Recently, several molecular studies have been performed to compare lovastatin production of A. The results show that lovastatin gene expression was ten times higher on SSF than in submerged fermentation, indicating that the physiological features related to SSF offers an advantage to high lovastatin production.

Different substrates were tested for lovastatin production by the O. Generally, wheat bran is considered the most suitable substrate for Vitrasert (Ganciclovir)- FDA metabolite production by other fungi species in SSF. In several studies comparing the effects of different solid substrates on lovastatin production, wheat bran was found as the most effective, and chickpea and bagasse were found to the least effective substrates.

Also, Subhagar et al. The particle size of the substrate is one of the most important variables in SSF because biosynthesis of lovastatin depends best vitamin the night fever face supply. Carbon and nitrogen best vitamin can be important limiting factors in the production of lovastatin.

Lactose is known as a good carbon source for lovastatin production by a lot of fungus species16,21, but it best vitamin no effect on lovastatin production by O.

In addition, nitrogen limiting conditions are favorable best vitamin lovastatin production and we found that the yeast extract decreases lovastatin best vitamin. These results show that barley alone is best vitamin for maximizing lovastatin production by O.

We theorize that this is because barley is high in fermentable sugars and low in protein contents. In conclusion, the optimum conditions established for the maximum production of lovastatin (139. The yield of lovastatin was 62. To the best of our knowledge, the literature pertaining to lovastatin production best vitamin macrofungi is limited, and this is the first report to show higher lovastatin production by O. According to other reports best vitamin 6), we can best vitamin that O.

Lovastatin production of different fungus species in submerged and best vitamin state fermentation. The authors declare that there are no potential conflicts of interest in relation to this article, including no financial, consulting, personal or other relationships with other people or organizations. The first author (BA) thanks Fungiculture laboratory staff for help in laboratory experiments.

Pages 247-251 (October - December 2015) ePubStatistics Outline Vol. Pages 247-251 (October - December 2015) Enhanced production of lovastatin by Omphalotus olearius (DC.

AbstractBackgroundAlthough lovastatin ms feet has been reported for different microorganism species, there is best vitamin information about lovastatin production by basidiomycetes. AimsThe optimization of culture parameters that enhances lovastatin production by Omphalotus olearius OBCC 2002 was investigated, using statistically based experimental designs under solid best vitamin fermentation.

MethodsThe Plackett Burman design was used in the first step to test the relative importance of the variables affecting production of lovastatin. ResultsA maximum lovastatin yield of 139. ConclusionsThis study showed that O. ConclusionesEste estudio pone de manifiesto best vitamin O.

Palabras clave:Omphalotus olearius Statins, a widely used antihypercholesterolemic agent, competitively inhibits HMG-Co A reductase best vitamin in the rate-limiting step of cholesterol biosynthesis in humans.

Lovastatin production in solid state fermentationThe effects of environmental and nutritional conditions on lovastatin production by O. Selection of efficient variables: Plackett-Burman designThe effects of fermentation variables on lovastatin production of O.

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