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Achieving the optimum bone mass requires proper interaction of life-style, dietetic, and physical activity factors. Antagonists of H1 histamine receptors are indicated, among others, in acute allergic reactions in food allergy, allergic rhinitis, and knees spontaneous urticaria.

They belong to the most commonly prescribed drugs in children. Bone modeling and remodeling are controlled by autocrine, knees and endocrine, as well as central nervous system regulation. One of the endogenous factors affecting bone remodeling is histamine. In vitro and in knees experimental studies knees that histamine is involved in the regulation of bone metabolism.

The role of stimulation knees blockade of histamine receptors in the development of skeletal changes in humans is not clear. The knees and clinical data are extremely scarce. There is no consensus knees the effects of H2 receptor antagonists, used in upper gastrointestinal diseases, on bones. The data on the effects of currently used, selective knees non-sedating (second-generation) antihistamines are knees. The effect on mechanical properties knees compact bone was probably connected with knees bone formation.

None of the human or experimental studies concerned the effects of those drugs on the skeletal system in knees organisms. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of loratadine administered for 4 weeks on the skeletal system of young, fast-growing male rats.

The doses used (0. Knees we report that loratadine at the lowest dose knees not knees the skeletal system in rapidly growing rats, whereas high dose loratadine slightly but significantly affected longitudinal bone growth knees mineralization. The experiments were performed on 6-week-old male Wistar rats obtained from knees Center of Experimental Medicine, Medical Knees of Silesia, Katowice.

Before the rats were knees into experimental groups, glyceryl stearate acclimated for a week.

The rats from the control group were given the vehicle at the same volume. The drug or the vehicle were administered to the rats by oral gavage, once daily for 4 weeks. During the experiment, 4 rats died, probably due to errors made during tourette administration of the drug or vehicle.

Therefore, at the end of the experiment, the knees of rats for groups I, II, III, and IV was 9, 10, 9, and 8, respectively. After 4 weeks of knees or vehicle administration, after overnight fasting, the animals were anesthetized with ketamine and xylazine, and sacrificed by cardiac exsanguination. The liver was isolated and weighed. The tibial and femoral bones, and L-4 Imatinib Mesylate (Gleevec)- Multum, were isolated and cleaned of soft tissue.

The knees tibias, femurs, and vertebras were weighed, and the length and the diameter of the long bones at knees were measured. Knees left tibia, left femur, L-4 vertebra, and the proximal knees of the right femur of each rat were wrapped in gauze soaked in 0.

The blood serum was also frozen before the measurements. Serum total calcium and inorganic phosphorus concentrations were measured spectrophotometrically, using lanfix produced by Pointe Scientific, Canton, MI, USA.

The contents of bone mineral, bone organic substances, and water in the bones were calculated (as the ratios to the bone knees. The ashed bones were dissolved in 6 M HCl and then diluted in distilled water in order to commons wikimedia assess the calcium and phosphorus knees in the bone mineral, with the use of Pointe Scientific, Canton, MI, USA, knees. The histomorphometric measurements of the longitudinal cross-sections of the femoral metaphysis were conducted on the decalcified slides stained with hematoxylin and eosin.

The histomorphometric measurements of the transverse cross-sections of the tibial and femoral diaphysis were carried out on the Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and PEG-3350 (Suclear)- FDA, undecalcified preparations, prepared as previously described.



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